RAC’s Attention Powered Car

A world first from WA.

Introducing the RAC Attention powered car.

When we decided to tackle the issue of inattention, we immediately hit a wall. How do you tackle an issue so broad it includes physical and mental distractions, as well as emotional and unintentional triggers?

The answer we’ve come up with is a bit Star Wars-esque, but we believe it could help us find the answers we need to save lives and reduce our appalling road toll – which by the way, is the worst in country.

Introducing the Attention Powered Car – a car that goes when you’re paying attention and slows when you’re not. Just like using the ‘force’.

Our hope is this world first innovation will bring much needed focus to the issue of inattention, help us explore the problem and find some life-saving solutions along the way.

See how we’re using neuro-technology to power the Attention Powered Car.